The alignment of your jaw has more to do with your oral health than you may think. The truth is that it has a direct effect on your smile, whether it is your occlusion (how your teeth come together) or the stress that is placed on your jaws.

At Advanced Dental Center, our dentists can address this problem to some degree with our orthodontic treatments. But we also offer treatments for the stress on your temporomandibular joint, also knowns as TMJ treatments. Dr. Randy Jones, Dr. James Muscott, Dr. Will Rahn and Dr. Stephen Parker can make use of computer technology to locate problems with the alignment of your jaws and develop a treatment plan to relieve any discomfort that you may be feeling. If you are having issues with jaw pain or if you are struggling with alignment issues, call our office at 843-873-1261 to learn more about computerized jaw alignment in Summerville, South Carolina.