Why We’re Different

Have you gone to a medical or dental practice recently where the staff went to extraordinary lengths to get to know you, understand you and understand what it is you really want? Did they not only meet, but exceed your expectations? Was there a noticeable difference in the amount of time and interest they spent with you? Was the knowledge, talent and experience of the people involved with your care noticeably superior? Was the respect for you genuine and authentic? Could an extraordinary experience actually occur in a dental office?


It’s Extremely Rare

If you are like everyone else out there, this ideal dental experience is extremely rare, or non-existent. Patients usually feel like a number or part of the herd. They feel rushed and manipulated. But the above paragraph describes who we strive to be. What we stand for. What we believe in. We try to make it real.


Can Dental Care Be Unique?

If you are tired of being over-promised and under-delivered services, putting up with all the glitz and glamour with no substance, or just feel like you are treated as a number, we invite you to give our office an opportunity to show you something unique. We feel we are unique — not because we are the only practice with caring people, but because we offer a different level of care. We strive to be exceptional.


Cosmetic Dentistry

When it comes to something as important as improving your appearance and your health, you don’t just trust anyone. Don’t base your choice solely on convenience, location, or cost. You want to know the office is truly qualified and possesses the advanced training and experience necessary to deliver what it promises.

Our unique and artistic approach to care has made us a leader in cosmetic dentistry. We know and teach the finer points of designing and creating beautiful smiles. When the term “cosmetic dentistry” is mentioned, some people may picture a Hollywood movie star or a famous public personality who has had dentistry done to improve their appearance. Admittedly, people will look far better after having cosmetic dentistry performed, however that does not begin to describe what cosmetic dentistry can really do for you.

Cosmetic dentistry brings together the best of science and art to create dental restorations that not only improve your appearance, but also improve the function, strength and longevity of your teeth. The process is as complex and comprehensive as anything in dentistry today. The level of experience and knowledge required to diagnose, plan, fabricate and place exceptional dentistry that rivals nature demands the utmost skill and artistry. It is the epitome of dental art and science. This level of care is no longer reserved for just the wealthy and famous. Our patients are students, housewives, professionals and business people — anyone who desires to look, feel and be healthier. We would love to show you the difference we can make in your life.

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